Anónimo asked: I know the typical lifespan of a HC band is around 5 years, you guys are around that timespan so I'm sure that thought of callin it quits has entered your mind. In my personal opinion you guys shouldn't. I'm from LA so I've seen bands like pennywise and bad religion do their thing for years and haven't lost that "flame" you guys can easily become that type of band, there's no one else in LA that can do that but you guys. Keep LA hardcore alive, we need it


We any band that has a fan base that huge realize that for every 1 or 2 kids who genuinely love the music and energy there is at least 10 other kids that are just following blindly whatever image they think is “cool”. If there is one thing I hate is posers. Unfortunately the bigger you get the more you attract. I like how intimate our shows are and would like to keep it that way. We aren’t rock stars. We are 5 kids.